Next Generation HEVC Codec Solution

Chips&Media’s WAVE520 is one of the most advanced hardware
video codec IP core supporting next generation High Efficiency Video
Coding(HEVC) standard, also known as H.265.

WAVE520 is Chips&Media’s 2nd generation video IP, which achieves the
best encoding quality at high resolution and frame rate - 4K(3840x2160) 60fps
or similar. The required clock frequency for WAVE520 is significantly low,
that 380MHz is necessary for decoding, and 500MHz is for encoding.
For simultaneous decoding and encoding of 4K resolution, 30fps can be
achieved with single IP core.

In addition to its superior high resolution(4K) capabilities, WAVE520 also
provides maximum bandwidth efficiency and exceptionally low power
consumption, which are today’s most demanding requirements across
all connected devices. With CFrameTM embedded frame buffer compression
technology, memory access bandwidth reduction of 50~70% can be achieved.

WAVE520 is suitable for application across various industry segments
including ultra high definition televisions(UHD TVs), UHD camcorders,
VR·ARs, drones, automotives, set-top boxes, smartphones, tablets and any
other applications or devices with super high resolution.

  • Frame Buffer Compression 
  • · Lossless with efficient memory access patterned compression technology
  • · Low latency tolerance
  • Frame based processing 
  • · Promising the lowest burden to host processor for encoding and decoding operation
  • Smart encoding scheme 
  • · ROI(Region Of Interest) encoding
  • · Background detecting
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