Multi-Exposure HDR

NIX is computational photography IP, commonly known as HDR with built-in capability. NIX is lighter version of Chips&Media’s HDR supporting 2 exposures synthesis (long and short exposure). NIX provides tone mapping to maximize the dynamic range and for generation of natural-like images, as well contrast correction is integrated to remove offset resulted from long/short image fusion. 
NIX has target range of 120 dB with line-interleave support. 

  • Maximum Resolution
  • * 1920x1080 at 60fps
  • Input format
  • * Max. 20 bit Bayer
  • Output format
  • * 10 bit Bayer
  • Interface
  • * ARM® AMBA 4 AXI Interface compliant
  • Please inquire directly
  • Surveillance
  • Automotive
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