Product Description

The world-leading hardware IP provider, Chips&Media, pre-released the multi-standard HW IP named WAVE517, targeting 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD), which is the first in the industry to support almost every codec standards for the UHD in the market, including the next-generation HEVC(High-Efficiency Video Coding) standard known as H.265, H.264, Google’s VP9, Chinese AVS2 and AOM's AV1 with optimized size.


The WAVE517 is architected for real-time decoding video capability of 4Kp60 content at 450MHz in HEVC, H.264, VP9, AVS2, and AV1 standards, and may achieve up to 8K (8Kx4K) resolution. Also, it’s cost-effective as it is architected to pick out and reuse sharable blocks from various codec standards and apply to the common blocks; in which the IP architecture becomes streamlined with minimum logics and memories fitting into small-sized SoCs. 


In addition to its superior 4K 60fps performance, the WAVE517 also provides maximum bandwidth efficiency and exceptionally low power consumption, which are today’s most demanding requirements across all connected devices. It employs frame buffer compression technology named CFrame which can save on average 50~80 percent bandwidth access to memory.


The WAVE517 is suitable for applications across various industry segments including ultra-high-definition televisions(UHDTVs), set-top boxes(STBs), VR·ARs, smartphones, tablets, data server and any others with super-high resolution.

Product Specification


[Supported standards for Decoder]
- H.265 Main/Main10 Profile @L5.1
- H.264 BP/CBP/MP/HP/High 10 Profiles @L5.2
- VP9 Profile0/Profile2  @L5.1
- AVS2 Main/Main10 Profile @L8.0.60
- AV1 Main Profile @L5.1


- 3840x2160p 60fps @450MHz

- 1920x1080p x 4ch. 60fps @450MHz

- 3840x2160p x 2ch. 30fps @450MHz

[Decoding Tools]
- Fully compatible with ISO/IEC 23008-2 HEVC(H.265) Main/Main10 Profile up to 8192x4096 pixel resolution. All coding tools in the profile are supported. 
- Fully compatible with VP9 Profile0/Profile2 (HBD) up to 8192x4096 pixel resolution. All coding tools in the profile are supported.
- Fully Compatible with AVS2 Main/Main-10bit Profile up to 8192x4096 pixel resolution. All coding tools in the profile are supported including AVS2 Smart Scene Video Coding (I, P, B, F, G, GB, S slice type). 
- Fully compatible with Alliance for Open Media AV1 video codec Main Profile up to 8192x4096 pixel resolution. All coding tools in the profile are supported including Film Grain synthesis. 

- AMBA 32-bit APB interface for Host CPU
- AMBA 128-bit AXI interface for the external memory


Ideal Solution for Ultra HD Devices.
 - Enables UltraHD(4Kx2K) video into the home and even on hands.
Superior Error Resilience, Concealment, and Reporting.
Configurability for Codec Standard, and Customizable Features.
On-the-fly Post-Processing.
- Down scaler for Decoding.
Multiple Instances up to 32 and more. 
Maximizes Memory Bandwidth Efficiency by using its CFrame Technology.
Scalable Multi-core Architecture.
- Allows easy to deploy with Scalable and Flexible Architecture.
- Extensible up to 8K 60p
3rd Party Frame Buffer Compression for various GPUs and Display Units.


Fully verified synthesizable RTL source code
RTL verification environment
Programmer’s Guide
API reference 
Datasheet/Integration Guide
Verification Guide
Evaluation platform



Media Tablet PCs
Desktop & Laptop PCs
Data Server
Digital TVs
Digital Set-top boxes(STBs)
Video Game Consoles
Automotive Infotainment
Portable Multimedia Players