WAVE541C (Dual-CORE HEVC+H.264 Codec for 8K)
Product Description

WAVE541C is a dual-CORE codec IP, optimally architected for real-time encoding or decoding video at 8Kp60 in either  HEVC or H.264 standards.    

SoCs powered with WAVE541C will bring 8K content readiness to video generating devices such as action cams, mobile video recorders, 360 VR devices and many more. This readiness will enable contents creators to generate videos and share them on the video platforms like YouTube, which already supports 8K video streaming.   

In terms of quality, considering real-time encoding at such high resolution and frame rate on portable devices, the best possible video quality is being achieved, and in terms of class competition, WAVE541C IP is designed to compete with x.264/x.265 medium preset on PC or Server.   

WAVE541C: Dual-CORE HEVC+H.264 combined codec IP; Encode and Decode capability of 8Kp60 content at 1GHz using 12nm or higher technology

Product Specification


  . HEVC - Main/Main 10 Profile, Level 5.2 High-tier
  . H.264 - High/High 10 Profile, Level 6.0
Codec type
  . 4:2:0, 4:2:2 (by conversion)
  . 8-/10-bit


.128-bit AXI / 32-bit APB



Max. resolution 
. 8192 x 8192 
. 4Kp60 



Frame Buffer Compression

  Lossless with efficient memory access patterned compression technology
Low latency tolerance
Frame based processing
  Promising the lowest burden to host processor for encoding and decoding operation
Smart encoding scheme
  ROI(Region Of Interest) encoding
  Background detecting