Product Description

The Chips&Media CODAJ Series is a standalone and high performance JPEG codec IP that can perform the JPEG baseline and MJPEG decoding and encoding.

Fully compliant with the baseline and extended sequential DCT mode of ISO/IEC 10918-1 JPEG standard, the CODA-J series core is also capable of supporting motion JPEG streams with varied color formats supporting resolutions up to 32Kx32K. Its fully hardware based architecture allows for a very high performance and low power consumption and makes it suitable for variety of digital imaging applications.

On-the-fly pre- and post- image processing can also contribute to improvement of memory bandwidth efficiencies.

The CODAJ series is designed for reliability and ease of integration, which is connected with system via 32-bit AMBA3 APB bus for system control and via 64-bit AMBA3 AXI bus for data thoughput.

Product Specification


  • Compliant with baseline and extended ISO/IEC 10918-1
  • Compliant with Motion JPEG



  • AMBA 32-bit APB interface for communication with a host processor
  • AMBA 64-bit AXI interface for the external memory



  • Decode up to 160M pix/s for 4:2:2 color format
  • Encode up to 155M pix/s for 4:2:2 color format
  • Operating clock frequency : 200MHz


Decoding/Encoding Tools

  • Support 1 or 3 color components
  • 3 comopnents in a scan(interleaved only)
  • 8 bit / 12 bit samples for each component
  • Support 4:2:0, 4:2:2, 4:4:0, 4:4:4 and 4:0:0 color format
  • Max. six 8x8 blocks in one MCU
  • Support NV12/NV16(CbCr Interleaved), NV21/NV61(CrCb Interleaved)
  • Support from 16x16 to 32K x 32K(32,768 x 32,768) image size
  • Packed mode is supported

Value-added Features for Encoding

  • Partial mode for encoding
  • On-the-fly rotator / mirror

Value-added Features for Decoding

  • Partial mode for decoding
  • ROI(Region of Interest)
  • On-the-fly rotator / mirror
  • On-the-fly down sampler
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