Chips&Media's compensation system pursues on performance and competency based incentive structure.

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  • 01.Base Pay

    Based on personal evaluation and grade

  • 02.Productivity Incentive (PI)

    Incentive which is designed to sensitively coupled to corporate achievement and set based on base salary
    Awarded differently based on organization's achievement and base salary (twice a year)

  • 03.Profit Sharing (PS)

    Incentive which awards pre set portion of corporate profit to employees (once a year)

  • 04.Special Incentive
    • Incentive awarded to employees who have contributed to the company
    • Patent incentive : Awarded when work related patent is registered domestically or internationally
    • Employee Referral Incentive : Awarded when employee recommended candidates are hired by the company and continuously worked.
  • 05.Benefits Package

    For self-development and other miscellaneous welfare, employees are assigned preset budget to be used freely.