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Video Technology Leader
Chips&Media was established by leading members with years of profound experiences in video standard technologies and semiconductor industry. Our extensive catalogue of IP solutions includes video post-processing, video frame buffer compression as well as video codecs covering vast range of video standards from MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, H.263, Sorenson, H.264, RV, VC-1, VP8, AVS, AVS+, HEVC (H.265) and VP9 for HD to UHD (4K/8K) resolution.
Chips&Media has been developing a line of reliable, high-quality IP solutions that allow our customers and partners to satisfy the growing consumer demand for high-performance multi-media digital devices. Especially as a leading multi-standard video codec solution provider, we have been providing our advanced ultra-low power multi-codec video IPs to top-tier semiconductor companies.
With mission to become global top SoC IP provider, Chips&Media have introduced Image Signal Processing (ISP) IP and continues to widen our solution portfolio to cope with continuing demand on image processing and related solutions.
Company highlights
Established March 2003
Chief Executive   Steve Sanghyun Kim, President & CEO
Major products Video IP Cores (Codec, ISP, Image Processing)

Vaughn College - Aeronautics

'05.05 ~ Chips&Media,Inc.

Steve SangHyun Kim/
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Seoul National Univ. - Economics
'04.01 ~  Chips&Media,Inc.
Gus Ho Lee/
Chief Financial Officer(CFO)

Korea Univ. - Electronic Engineering 

'09.09 ~  Chips&Media, Inc.

Ethan Hyun-Gyu Kim/

Video Codec Technical Leader

Seoul National Univ. - Computer Science & Engineering 
'09.01 ~ Chips&Media, Inc.
Willy Jung-Hyun Kwon/
CV, ISP Technical Leader

Chung-Ang Univ. - Business

'07.02 ~ Chips&Media, Inc.

Tedd Won-Mo Kang/

Chief of Human Resources (CHRO)