CFrame Compression Series

CFrame50 is the lossless&lossy frame buffer compression hardware IP designed by Chips&Media It is IP core that performs visually lossless compression of source image data from ISP or decoded data that are to be transferred to display chip so that efficient memory management, considerable bandwidth reduction and power saving can be all achieved.

CFrame50, the set of compression IP and decompression IP, has started to draw market attention its fast processing, various input formats, fully hardware configuration with a very small gate count.



  • Lossless and Lossy compression
  • Up to 8192x8192 resolution
  • 4x4 block base compression
  • Constant compression rate with lossy compression
  • Compression rate 1/2 ~ 1/12
  • Interleave mode, non-Interleave mode
  • Random Access possible
  • Pre-configurable for color format, bit-depth, and others

     Image Framat

  • YUV420 (8~14-bit)
  • YUV422 (8~14-bit)
  • YUV444 (8~14-bit)
  • (A)RGB (8)888
  • Monochrome


  • Simple direct interfaces for input interface (data, valid, ready) AXI write master interface for writing compressed data into external memory


  • AXI read master interface for reading compressed data from external memory Simple direct interface for sending decompressed data (data, valid, ready)
  • Max. 8192x8192 resolution
  • Max. 2pixel / 1cycle
  • Smartphones
  • Media Tablet PCs
  • Portable Multimedia Players
  • Desktop & Laptop PCs
  • Digital TVs
  • Digital Set-top boxes(STBs)
  • Video Game Consoles
  • Blu-ray Players
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